World Cup races will have tiny changes

The World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě that is on programme on 18th and 19th January will happen on a shorter circuit than planned, the decision has been made at today’s meeting in Vysočina Arena by Michal Lamplot, FIS Assistant Race Director Cross-Country, and Josef Gabriel, the director of Golden Ski.

The programme of the event will also notice changes. "On Saturday men and women will race with interval starts free technique and on Sunday there will be classic pursuit, which is a change in comparison with the original schedule," Josef Gabriel stated.

The organizers are preparing a trail 3,6 km long. By a use of short interconnection they will gain the second circuit long 1,4 km. They will use both circuits in order to have required 10km long circuit for women and 15km for men.

"Nowadays we are intensively working on the tracks. We are ploughing artificial snow and by snow cats we are adjusting the stadium. That is why the whole area is closed for security reasons. From Saturday we will start to build fences around the stadium and tracks. The stadium should be ready on Tuesday," Gabriel added. Next Saturday on 18th January women will have 10km race at 9:45 and at 11:15 men will continue in 15km distance. On Sunday 19th January both pursuits are on programme, women at 11:10 and men at 13:00. Fans have a free entry to both days.