Twist in the WC: NMNM cancelled next week, rescheduling in progress

The Cross-Country World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě is finally cancelled for next week. During Friday afternoon Czech Ski & Snowboard accepted a decision from Ministry of Health concerning a dispensation to organize events so that abroad skiers would not be obliged to keep 5-days quarantine. However, the situation was shortly twisted by news from Germany that is hosting the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships from 25th February to 7th March.

Germany put the Czech Republic to a list of risky areas with incidence of dangerous coronavirus mutation. According to current regulation, everyone being in such an area in the last 10 days before entering Germany will be under an obligation to stay in quarantine for 5-10 days. The participants in the Nordic Ski WC in Oberstdorf have not obtained any dispensation and according to the organizers it is highly possible they will not get any.

 "Based on the communication with the WC organizers it is obvious that everyone participating the WC Nové Město na Moravě would be forbidden to start at the upcoming World Championship because of obligatory quarantine, or would be restricted for some part of it. We understand that the World Championship is the highest priority for all teams because it’s an expected season’s peak. After negotiations with FIS we decided the World Cup NMNM will be cancelled for the next week," describes Lukáš Sacher, the head of Czech Cross-country skiing.

However, it does not necessarily mean that Nové Město na Moravě will miss the Cross-Country World Cup this season. It could return to the Czech Republic after the World Championship. In the event schedule there is a gap thanks to cancelled two last venues of the season in Norway. "We´ve been engaged by preparing this prestigious event for half a year so we don´t want this effort of dozens of people to come in vain. In Vysočina Arena there are the trails ready, facilities and everything else.  Currently there are intensive negotiations between Czech Ski and FIS in progress about rescheduling the World Cup NMNM to 20th – 21st March," says Jiří Hamza, the chairman of the organizers.

The WC NMNM should have been held on 20th – 21st February as 83rd anniversary of the Golden Ski. After long negotiations and talks with Czech institutions, they gained all necessary permissions in order to be allowed to organize such an event in these shaky times. The organizers have had a dispensation for organizing events from the Ministry of Health since the half of January, lately they have also obtained a dispensation for the athletes travelling from abroad not to be put in quarantine. "I’d like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Sports Agency and other institutions that did their best for the World Cup to be held in the Czech Republic.  I do hope in such a great cooperation also in case we succeed to reschedule the event," says Lukáš Heřmanský, the president of the Czech Ski.