There is not a better place to repeat the success from Ruka than NMNM

Her career maximum 18th place together with 9 pointed positions in the World cup.

Her career maximum 18th place together with 9 pointed positions in the World Cup. With this profile Kateřina Razýmová has entered the season. Right in the first race of the World cup has Kateřina Razýmová perfectly rewrote her cross-country skiing resume and placed 5th and 9th in Finland. Only 2 seconds missing for a medal. "It is unbelievable, completely a dream! But I keep my feet on the ground and I am satisfied with every place in TOP 20, "says Razýmová, who is looking out for the domestic World cup in NMNM, because there is where her favourite 10 km classic will take a place.

You were very optimistic and felt good before the season. But still, did you have at least some thoughts about such a great start of the season?

For me it is a surprise. My goal was to place in TOP 10 and I considered it possible with the right constellation of stars. I have never thought about fighting for a medal in the first distance race or even about being on such a high level.

Did you suspect during the Saturday race, that it was a performance, which attacks the winner’s podium?

On the track they were announcing that I was on the 2nd place, but I thought it was nonsense. After the race, I am very sorry about those 2 seconds I missed to place on the winner’s podium because placing 3rd would be absolutely amazing. But I take the 5th place as a success. I am happy and I have not expected that at all.

How did you feel after seeing the results, that Heidi Weng, Astrid Jacobs, Frida Karlsson or Jessica Diggins placed after you?

At first, my head was off, then I started crying of happiness and did not know what to do. I was looking for my phone to call my husband, who is also my personal coach, to make sure I was not dreaming. I was always just watching other girls on TV and looking up to them. I never thought that I would be able to keep up with them and place side by side with them on the result list feels unreal.

How was your start in the Sunday race after such a success?

It was an unusual feeling for me and hard to deal with it. The main goal for me was to stood up to my expectations, because they were very high after saturday and I was very nervous. I wanted to repeat the result, but I was worried so that it was not a failure.

It was not a failure at all ….

I was hoping for a good result and 9th place is absolutely great. I could enjoy myself in finish and I was glad to see my team members, servicemen and coaches excited. I hope that everyone can enjoy this victory because the result is not just about me, even though I have to do all the hard work during the race, I have to rely on my skis and the whole background that we have. And I want to thank everyone for that.

Success goes hand in hand with many responsibilities, you must have received many congratulations. How did you enjoy your weekend off the track? Was your weekend crowded?

I admit, it was a bit demanding but in a good way. When things are going well it feels good to listen to it and read about it. I would like to thank everyone, who wrote to me and supported me. It is unbelievable and a complete dream.

Where did the success come from? Has something changed in your preparation or in your training?

Nothing has changed, really. Preparation was following previous years. Changes were minimal, for example materials, when I switched to Fischer skis.

 So, where do we search for causes of progress?

More intensive training, I lost some weight. We focused more on technique and the combination of all these factors was crucial.

Is the collaboration between your personal and the national coach also important?

Their communication and cooperation without any problem is only an advantage. There is nothing to be stressed about and everything works fine.

Already before the season, you mentioned that the domestic World cup race in NMNM, where the 10 km classic takes place, was your goal. Are you even more excited now?

Oh, yeah! I am unbelievably excited. I hope I will have the best form and be able to show off. Motivation is clear, as always – to improve my best result yet. Which is going to be hard now … (laugh) No, I mean we cannot always expect that from now on I will always place like that. I am keeping it real and I am satisfied coming in the TOP 20, but that does not mean I will not try.

Czech fans will be cheering for you. Dou you think it would be the best opportunity to repeat your performance from the last week?

There is not a better place than NMNM to repeat my performance. I hope many people will come and I will be able to reward them with some perfect result.