Ski race in Nové Město will be great premiere for Czech talent

The return of Cross-Country World Cup to Nové Město na Moravě will be very special for currently the biggest talent of Czech cross-country skiing Barbora Havlíčková. In Vysočina Arena she will experience her debut at the World Cup whose junior version Alpen Cup she won last year. This venue should definitely rank her among the world elite after having it tried at the Olympic Games 2018 in Korea.

"It’s amazing it’s happening here in Nové Město na Moravě. It’s a fulfilled dream to start at the World Cup and it’s more magical that it’ll be at home. I know all my family is coming and plenty of my friends, too," Havlíčková said. "The track and all facilities are perfect as always, including fantastic fans‘ atmosphere. I’m so excited and I hope there’ll be lots of fans to make at least similar background as during biathlon races," she added.

19-year-old skier has been compared to Czech cross-country legend Kateřina Neumannová who she knows very well. "It’s definitely very nice to hear when somebody compares you to such a personality. I don’t know what would have to happen anyone would reach such success as Katka. It‘s my motivation to at least partly approach and link to the best time of Czech cross-country skiing. I’m in touch with Katka but not so often as we used to be. However, anytime I need, she is willing to help me," she said.

Except cross-country skiing she also rank among the world elite in mountain running, which is a sport she does during her summer training. „It’s just me, if it was possible, I would ski all the year. I have to admit at the end of March I’m little fed up with it but later when there’s no snow for two weeks I miss it so much. It’s a shame we can’t ski for the whole year here. But running is great, especially in Šumava where I just put my trainers on, get out and totally turn my head off. Some people go to pubs with friends, I go running when I want to refresh," Havlíčková explains.

She even won the junior European Mountain Running Championship and now she finished second at Junior World Mountain Running Championship in Argentina. "I rate this success very high, it’s a reward for me and people around. I started to train with my father and this confirmed we do it great. It’s also huge motivation for me before winter," said Havlíčková who lately decided to leave a training group of former world champion Martin Koukal and started to train with her father Jiří. "My former coach is from Liberec and I’m from Šumava so the far distance between us wasn’t optimal mainly in terms of time conditions. We get on well with my father, he knows perfectly what I like and what my limits are. We try to prepare the trainings varied a lot so it’s always different. I’ve got two-phase trainings depending on my programme, for example, if I have some races. During the week I usually have one or two days off, which is also important. We plan my program with my father according to our feelings so it’s noting definite," she described.

The premiere at the World Cup could be the next step for her after she made it to be a 17-year-old nominee to the Olympics in PyeongChang where she finished 43th in skiathlon.

"It was an immense experience for me. I wish everyone to see it live, it’s a fulfilled dream of every sportsman/woman. I’ve seen the background and details that can decide the final success. I gained many new friends there so it opened me a door to move forward," she reminds of the year 2018.

Since then she had some injury issues but she recovered and now she’ll do her best to use her potential. "I had some problems with my back that put me out of training, everything was counted there and that time was really unpleasant. Now everyting is settled and on a good way," she added.

Her season will have two tops. Beside the above mentioned World Cup she will also participate in the Junior Cross-Country World Championship in Oberwiesenthal in Germany. "If I make it to run for any medal, it would make my dreams come true," she dreamed aloud.