Šeller and Novák almost grabbed medals

Czech cross-country skiers had amazing success within reach. In team sprint in WC Ulricehamn a duo Luděk Šeller – Michal Novák run for fantastic 4th place when losing only two hundredths of second. Kateřina Razýmová and Kateřina Janatová also reached great success when finishing at 6th spot. The winners were Urevc and Lampic (SLO), in men the best duo was De Fabiani and Pellegrino (ITA).

A circuit long 1,200 metres was run three times by each couple. In semifinals Šeller and Novák kept up with the favourites and Novák even rushed to finish section as a leader. Finally, he sprinted for 3rd place and advanced from a position of lucky looser. Duo Kalivoda – Pechoušek finished 8th with a margin 8.14 seconds to the winner from France I.

In the finals almost the whole group of 10 were rather gathered in the first five sections, the first and the last one were divided only by 2 seconds. Till the last part Novák raced from 7th place losing 1.5 seconds. In further metres he pushed himself towards the podium positions and in finish he was fighting for bronze. Nevertheless, even kicking his foot did not help Czechia to a medal, photoshoot decided the Czech skier was 2 seconds slower than the one from Sweden II.

"I went to the finals with a plan that I’d like to stay in touch with the leaders in order to pass Michal a good position. After start we even appeared at a leading point, which I didn’t expect, but the pace was high so there was nobody pushing me from the back. After that I tried to follow them and to save some energy for finish. I think we can be happy with our performance and the ranking is great," Luděk Šeller said.

"In general, my evaluation of the race is totally wonderful, I’m even surprised by the final place. My skis helped a lot, they were incredible thanks to job of our service team. Luděk‘s run was unreal. In the last circuit it was about searching a good position and we could maybe get even higher but I still believed in myself for finish to get a medal. I felt I was even passing the Swede but unfortunately, I missed one step for telemark. In spite of that it’s amazing," Michal Novák described the race.

Women also kept in touch with the leading rivals and their loss was not bigger than 3 seconds. Janatová went to finish as the last meber of a leading group of 7. She tried hard to move forward and in the end, she finished at 6th place losing 1.37 seconds to Slovenia.

"We’re happy for the 7th place but I also have to admit that 1.3 seconds is so little that we could be there. It’s been such a little piece. Otherwise I’m happy with our ranking and also our performance was good tactically," Kateřina Janatová said. "6th place is wonderful regarding we got into the finals from 10th position," Kateřina Razýmová added.