Razýmová ranks 16th in Swiss Tour de Ski

Tour de Ski completed its Swiss part. After three races Czech cross-country skier Kateřina Razýmová ranks to 16th spot. The best Czech man is Michal Novák ranking 27th. Russian athlete Alexander Bolshunov attacks the leading position with a one-minute margin. Women’s fight is more equal and the leaders are Americans Jessie Diggins and Rosie Brennan.

The last competition in Val Müstair was 10km F pursuit when Kateřina Razýmová thanks to her 13th best time defended running 16th place. She run the first part of the race in a group of four attacking 15th to 18th place. In the second part she managed to catch up some other skiers so her finish was a battle for 14th place. Finally, she ended 16th losing 2:07,7 by which she defended her start position. Her final time was the 13th fastest one in this race!

"This kind of result what leaves you indifferent. Today we had good skis so I’m happy I saved some power for upcoming days. For this reason, I also tried to keep joining a group, which I managed. I think my start position is good for further races," Kateřina Razýmová said.

Petra Nováková defended her start position for a long time when until the half of the race she competed at 36th place. She finally crossed the finish line as 37th skier. Her margin to the top after the third stage of Tour is 4:41,2. Also Kateřina Janatová fought long for her 47th place and she was still there after 5km. However, in the second half of the race she jumped up to 45th place, her margin is 5:49,6. Right after the start Petra Hynčicová increased her position to 48th place. However, in the last two laps she slowed down and she finally ranks 50th with a margin 6:19,9.

In 15km F pursuit Michal Novák was the first Czech man to start and after two stages of the Tour he ranked 24th with a margin 2:21 to the leading Russian Bolshunov. In the initial kilometres Michal Novák moved on the edge of the third and fourth tens. He entered the second half of the race as a leader of four-membered group attacking 28th place. In the remaining 7.5km he succeeded to reach even one place higher and finally he ranks 27th with a margin 3:42,3 to the winner. His time was the 33th.

"My today’s tactics was not to overdo the start. I saved some power and finally I think this was a good plan. It is important I stayed in touch with others and I’m looking forward to the upcoming races," Michal Novák said. Adam Fellner finished 53rd, Petr Knopp was 62nd.

Tour de Ski is currently moved to Italian Toblach where the programme continues on 5th and 6th January.