Razýmová raced for 9th spot in Toblach, 12th in Overall standing

Kateřina Razýmová fought amazing top 10 in Tour de Ski. In 10km C Pursuit she finished at fantastic 9th place and in overall standing she ranks 12th.

The skiers jumped on trail individually with their margins from yesterday’s 10km F. Kateřina Razýmová started as 11th racer in the start list losing 59 seconds to lead woman. During the race she got in the group fighting for 7th to 12th place and in dramatic finish she finally reached 9th position. The race was reigned by Russian Julia Stupak who started from 4th spot.

 „I finally made it! But I have to admit the race hurt from the beginning to its end because my group set really fast pace. I’m very happy to reach top 10, it’s amazing motivation for me, not only mentally but physically too because if you’re successful then you always find some more power," Razýmová was satisfied.

Petra Nováková jumped through the start list up. She started at 42nd position, losing 2:24. She gradually moved forward when finally ranking 37th with a margin 3:53,1. In Tour de Ski she is 38th in overall.

"Regarding my current form I can be glad for today’s performance because yesterday was a tragedy for me. Today I had a choice of two pairs of skis and I chose the ones that were worse to run but better in uphill. I can say it was a good decision and the skis were also great. Even in uphill I run in the track and in the third lap I even got faster and run off the group," Nováková said.

Other two Czech skiers finished together – Kateřina Janatová at 42th spot and Petra Hynčicová 43nd.

In 15km C Pursuit, which was shortened to 13,2km, Michal Novák was the most successful Czech. He entered the race from 34th position and in close finish he fought for top 30 – he was losing only 5 seconds for 26th place but finally he ranked 32nd.

"I’m very happy with my performance today. My tactics was to save some power in a group, which was advantageous concerning the trail profile. I didn’t expect to feel this good. My skis also helped this state because they were perfectly prepared. I got boosted when chasing the skiers in front and then we made it to follow the group to attack 26th position. I believed myself to be stronger in finish but the organizers narrowed the trail so there was no space for me," Michal Novák commented.

Adam Fellner increased his score as well when moving from 50th spot to 45th. Petr Knopp finished at 54th place. Alexander Bolshunov again reigned the race.

Tour de Ski culminates in Val di Fiemme from 8th to 10th January.