Razýmová keeps good shape, she reached top 10 in Falun

Czech skier Kateřina Razýmová keeps performing great a few weeks before the World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě. In 10 km F individual start in Swedish Falun, she joined the top skiers and finished at 9th place again. Petra Hynčincová finished at 32nd spot and Petra Nováková 49th. The winner is Jessie Diggins (USA). Men’s event was again dominated by Alexander Bolshunov (RUS), the best Czech was Jonáš Bešťák at 53rd place.

Razýmová jumped on a frozen track with a number 51. Since the beginning it was clear she was going to fight for a fantastic position, even though some favourites started after her. In the quarter of the race, she was 10th and before the half of the race she was 8th, at that moment the margin to 6th place was not a whole second. After 7.7 km she was moving on the edge of elite ten. In the last kilometres she made it to go up and finished at amazing 9th place losing 1:01.2. 

"I’m very happy. And also, a bit surprised because there are all favourites so I didn’t know what to expect. But I run very well. Downhills were quite demanding for me, some parts were very frozen and it was impossible to remember a perfect line because we went three different circuits," Razýmová described.

Also Petra Hynčicová fought for pointed positions. On halfway into the race, she was moving in top 30 but finally she closely missed it. In the final standing she was sitting 32nd losing 2:06.5, which meant only one second behind the pointed positions. "My standing is great. Although I’m quite sorry I didn’t make it into top 30. Actually, it was incredible I started with Stadlober (AUT) and followed her all the time because her performace is like top 10. And I’m very glad I finally speedened up," Hynčicová said.

Czech men in Falun were not so successful. In 15 km F they were standing far behind pointed positions. Bešťák entered the race very carefully – on 4th kilometre he ranked 67th. Then he was improving his position and finally finished at 53rd place with a margin 3:18.5. Also Adam Fellner was improving his standing for a long time. From 59th position where he ranked after the first third of the race, he moved up to 53rd place where he appeared after 12 km. He could not climb higher because of falling down and breaking his pole. In the final standing he ranked 60th losing 3:39.8 to the winner.

"I didn’t feel well before the race but it got better during it. I’m sorry for the final result because I could intensified the pace but then I fell down and broke my pole, which sent me down," Fellner said. Tomáš Kalivoda who finished at 69th position with a margin 4:37.4. Michal Novák did not participate in this race because he came in the evening before the race. Anti-covid measures caused some administrative complications and his delay.