Czech team

Petra Nováková


When and where did you start skiing and who brought you to it?

My parents brought me to skiing. They stood me on skis right after I started to walk. We took advantage of the snow conditions in Krušné hory, I did my biggest skiing progress in Nové Hamry where I come from.

What is your biggest success in your career?

Bronze medal in 10 km C at U23 World Championship, 6th place in skiathlon 7.5+7.5 km at WC Lollehammer, 10th place in 5 km F at WC Lillehammer, 11th place in sprint F at Tour de Ski Canada, 13th place in Overall Tour de Ski Standing.

Who is your Czech and foreign ski idol?

I don’t have any specific idols; I try to be inspired by all of them.

What other sports do you like to do?

Leaving aside complementary sports, which are a part of summer training camp (running, inline skates, workout, kayak, mountain and road bike), I also enjoy playing tennis or football. In winter I like downhill skiing or ice skating. I’d like to start doing skialpinism.

What is your most favourite skiing event?

Skiathlon and relay. Concerning other events, it’s up to my current form, mental condition and skis. I don’t prefer anything. The only event I really don’t like is classic sprint.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I’ve got many hobbies but only a little time for them. Until spring 2020 my study at University of Chemistry and Technology Prague could be considered as my big hobby. I also play the piano and flute; I love reading books and listening to music (also classical one). I learn another foreign language. I love baking, not only desserts but also bread and pastry, I also like cooking. I’m slightly interested in wine and I create beads jewellery.

What would you like to achieve in your career?

To reach top 10, stage is a huge dream as well as an Olympic medal.