Czech team

Ondřej Černý


When and where did you start skiing and who brought you to it?

I stood on skis right after I learnt to walk because both my parents were professional skiers. But I didn’t race professionally for a long time because I’m from Prague, which is not a place that abounds with mountains and snow.

What is your biggest success in your career?

I have raced in men’s category only for 2 years now and I’d name these successes as my biggest ones: sprint WC Dresden (21st place, 2nd in qualification), WC Planice (26nd place, 17th in qualification) and 5th place at University Games in 2019. From junior category my successes are these: 26th place at Junior World Championship in sprint C and 2nd place in sprint C in OPA race.

Who is your Czech and foreign ski idol?

As a kid, I used to devote rather to athletics so my idol was Usain Bolt.

What other sports do you like to do?

From 5 to 15 I did track and field events, mainly hurdle races. I also used to play street hockey. But a combination of athletics, street hockey and skiing was exhausting so finally I decided to devote myself only to cross-country skiing.

What is your most favourite skiing event?

Most of all fast and short sprints. I like position fighting in the heats.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I’m studying Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Information Technology so I study most of my free time. Otherwise, I like cooking, I like to try new recipes. Except this I also enjoy movies and playing PC games if I find time.

What would you like to achieve in your career?

I always considered skiing as fun. Every year I was getting better and better and then I reached junior national team and now U23. I have no specific goal; I’d like to keep enjoying skiing and to improve my performance on and on. I’ll see where it ends.