Novák is the best Czech in seventh stage of Tour de Ski

Trio of Czech skiers advanced to the quarterfinals of Sprint C that was held as the seventh stage of Tour de Ski in Val di Fiemme. The best Czech was Michal Novák who reached 22nd place. Kateřina Razýmová stayed in touch with elite top 10 thanks to her 26th spot. Kateřina Janatová also gained points. Today’s winners were Oskar Svensson and Linn Svahn (both Sweden).

At frozen stadium in Teser the organizers prepared an interesting and demanding trail with hard uphill sections long 1200 metres for women and 1500 metres for men.

In qualification the best result of Czech skiers was reached by Michal Novák, who finished at 14th position. His performance was great also in the quarterfinals but later French Richard Jouve crossed his skis and blocked his way on trail. Novák did not handle this problem and after falling down he had no chance to advance. He finally ranked 5th in the quarterfinals because judges moved the French skier to the last spot. In the result list of this race Novák ranks 22nd, in overall ranking of the Tour he is at 24th place losing 33 seconds to top 20.

 "It’s a shame. I had a good position to fight for advancing. I definitely felt better than to 5th place in the QF," Czech skier said. "Tomorrow it’s going to be hard, my body is tired and the rivals are of high quality. However, if everything coincides I think I could increase my best."

Today’s competition finished in the quarterfinals for Adam Fellner who was only half a second from advancing in the halfway of the race. Unluckily he did not make it into top 30, his margin in finish was 3.38 seconds and he ranked 39th. Neither Petr Knopp reached top 30, he finished at 48th position.

As the first Czech woman Kateřina Razýmová jumped on trail and she advanced to the quarterfinals from 23rd position. In the QF race she long sticked in the middle of the group but she was finishing behind her rivals’ back and could not get in front. Finally she ended sixth and her position after the race is 26th.

"I made it to advance, which is always valuable for me. I hope my margin to rivals around me in overall ranking is not so big," Razýmová said. In overall standing before the last stage of the Tour de Ski she is at 16th place losing 42 seconds to top 10. "Yesterday I lost quite a lot of seconds but hope dies last so I’m going to do my best to fight for top 10."

Kateřina Janatová qualified herself at 25th place. In the QF she finished at 5th spot where she run for almost the whole track. In finish she did not have enough power to fight for advancing. She finished fifth and in final standing of the race she is 27th. In Tour de Ski she ranks at 40th spot.

"I cannot have too good feelings after the race but I’m happy I at least advanced. My body doesn’t let me speed up a lot. Before and after the race I don’t feel too bad but on trail, I keep running constant pace and I can’t get faster. Fatigue is visible in my performance," Janatová commented after the race.

Petra Hynčicová finished at 35th place by 3.68 seconds to top 30. She will enter the last stage of the Tour as 39th skier of overall standing.

Tour de Ski 2021 culminates tomorrow when the skiers will race on 10km stage with a feared slope Olympia III at Alpe Cermis.