New track with sharp curves and swings will be ready

FIS Cross-Country World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě will be raced on a completely new and attractive track. Organizers will link the new trails of Vysočina Arena to the old ones where there are popular parts with sharp curves and swings. On 18th and 19th January the new attractive track will be ready for cross-country skiing stars. The racers and fans have a lot to look forward.

The old part of the track around Nové Město contained popular but strenuous rising. Last year during European Cup OPA this part was not involved in the race and is not planned in official track of Vysočina Arena. The World Cup will offer the most attractive what the trails around Nové Město can have.

"We succeeded in reviving well-known swings and curves parts of the track, we’ve got a new track that connects new and old ones,” Lukáš Sacher, the Czech Ski Association sports director, stated. Beside the stadium the organizers will also prepare two big fan zones with a screen and commetary.

Czech skiers also appreciate the tracks. "I really like the track in Nové Město and it’s great the race will go through the swings and curves," Michal Novák praised. Last season he cut a dash with the 14th place in 15km F in the World Cup in Falun. It was the Czech maximum in the elite cup.Coaches Vasil Husák and Dušan Kožíšek have in their team besides Novák also Adam Fellner, Petr Knop, Luděk Šeller, Jan Pechoušek and Tomáš Kalivoda. Czech skiers Kateřina Razýmová, Sandra Schützová, Petra Hynčicová, Kateřina Janatová and Tereza Beranová are in charge of Jan Franc. Petra Nováková has her individual trainings. 19-year-old Barbora Havlíčková, who is coached by her father, should experience her debut in Nové Město.

"It’s amazing it’s happening here in Nové Město na Moravě. It’s a fulfilled dream to start at the World Cup and it’s more magical that it’ll be at home. I know all my family is coming and plenty of my friends, too," Havlíčková said. "The track and all facilities are perfect as always, including fantastic fans‘ atmosphere. I’m so excited and I hope there’ll be lots of fans to make at least similar background as during biathlon races," a big tallent of Czech cross-country skiing said.