New ski suits? The best we’ve ever had, Czech skiers agree

Czech cross-country skiers were given a pre-Christmas present. Since the World Cup in Swiss Davos they can be seen in brand new ski suits of national team. Czech racers wear little bit untraditional colours than usually, this time black is number one in colour combination.

Predominant colour is black, designed together with traditional white-red-blue combination. The new ski suits are made in the colour version that is not easy to miss in peloton. The suit is produced of the top quality and modern material, which provides temperature comfort and also fulfils compressive functions. The design is also very interesting, there are logos of partners as well as the one of the Czech Ski Union on heart accompanied by national signs, such as traditional little lion on sleeves and legs.

And how do the skiers like the new ski suits?

Kateřina Razýmová
"I really like the ski suits. I love black colour so it’s my cup of tea. What I really appreciate is the warmer bottom part of the suit, which is suitable for winter as well as slightly compressive function. It feels like you want to go faster in that."

Michal Novák
"The new ski suits are totally amazing! Material is of top quality. The old suit was stretching out of shape with time and instead of being close-fitting, it dangled everywhere. This one seems not to have this problem at all. The design is also very good with crafty details. I would say the last three suits were very successful concerning design and they always ranked among the most beautiful in peloton."

Kateřina Janatová
"This suit is far the best I’ve ever worn. The quality of material is of high level and I mostly appreciate the bottom part, which fits perfectly and is warm. Design is very cool, I love the Czech lion we have on sleeves and legs."

Petr Knop
"I thought last year we had a beautiful ski suit but this year’s collection totally outclassed it in terms of colours and materials. It is very pleasant, maybe too much, because I like to stroke myself all the time. It’s breathable and warm as well, it really looks good."

Sandra Schützová
"This ski suit is the best we’ve ever had. Mainly the material is fantastic. This year it’s the first time I wear one-piece suit and I don’t even feel to be wearing it. The bottom is a bit warmer in comparison with the top, which I appreciate, because I don‘t have to wear under drawers, which are not comfortable for me. Design is gorgeous, I especially like the national elements. And the biggest plus is it‘s not transparent.”