Kateřina Razýmová: I prefer doing sports at home

At the end of November in Finnish Ruka she improved her maximum and in 10 days she will introduce herself in her strongest discipline 10km classic in Nové Město na Moravě within the World Cup.

She started to do cross-country skiing at university, her World Cup premiere happened in 2016 in the Vysočina Arena. One year later she debuted at the World Championship and also participated in her first Olympic Games in  Pyeongchang. However, she feels the best at the home tracks.

"I prefer doing sports at home so it means mountains Český les and meadows called Capartické louky. I thinks this area is not well-known but I like it very much because I grew up on those tracks," the 28-years-old ski racer says. She loves the unpredictability of cross-country skiing. "There are so many factors influencing the race. We never know how it will develop." In spite of this cross-country skiing has also something the Czech racer does not like about it. "The worst thing for me is when I’m up the hill, watching down and saying to myself I can never go down," she admits. At this moment the fans enter the game because they are inseparable part of racing and push the skiers forward. "I think the fans are the main thing. They create fantastic atmosphere, they are the reason we race. They are really very important to me," Razýmová agrees.

And how does the Czech skier look forward to the home venue of the World Cup? "I’m currently really looking forward but the closer it is, I will look forward less and less because my nerves will  prevail. When everything burst out I will be ok," she adds smiling.