Janatová impressed by 9th place in Dresden

Czech ski racers have been successful in this season and the second weekend in a row they reach the elite top 10 of the World Cup race. Sprint qualification was dominated by Kateřina Janatová who finally raced for 9th place. This result hits her personal best. Other Czech representative Tereza Beranová added also amazing result when ranked 11th. Eight out of nine Czech racers qualified to the race. The winners were Italian Federico Pellegrino and Swiss Nadine Faehndrich.

A great day for Czech skiers began in the qualification. Some of them astonished by their results – Kateřina Janatová by a victory in qualification, Tereza Beranová by 7th place and a U23 representative Ondřej Černý surprised many favourites by his 2nd place. The only one not to advance was Zuzana Holíková who finished 31st and missed the quarterfinals for 0,09 sec and just one place.

Kateřina Janatová ranked second in her quarterfinals when having been beaten by American Jessie Diggins, the winner of sprint in Davos. Petra Nováková finished the same ride at 6th place, which meant overall 28th place for her.

In semi-finals Janatová fought until the last meters but finally she ranked at the first place that did not go on and finished 8th. However, for the first time in her life she reached top 10. "I‘m, very happy. For my self-confidence and my emotions…just the fact I won the qualification means a lot. I’ve never been in semi-finals, nor in top 10. It’s a fantastic start of the season and I hope it gets better as every year," Kateřina Janatová was smiling after the race.

Tereza Beranová is another Czech racer who has reached the semi-finals for the first time in her life, too, after winning her quarterfinal ride. Her semi-final race was very promising but unfortunately, she had a contact with her rival who broke her pole. "I thought I was going for the finals but after an unfortunate contact the opponent broke my pole so I realized it was over. I’m really sorry for that, I think I could be in finals. But the bad luck will turn around one day and everything will be good," Beranová said.

In men’s cathegory Ondřej Černý shocked all present. The local reporter noted him as the biggest suprise of the race when he placed second in qualification. He even dominated in his quarterfinals for a long time but in finish he was passed by four racers. He finished at final 21st place.

"The qualification was incredible. I’ve never even dreamt about it. I quite regret the quarterfinals but unfortunately, I missed my power for finish. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with the result. It’s only my fourth World Cup and I increased my results," Ondřej Černý said.

Michal Novák finished 4th in his quartefinal ride and finally ended at 20th place. "I cannot be completely satisfied with my performance, I quite failed in the qualification as well. I almost fell down so I was lucky I made it to go on. I feel I somehow cannot balance in skate and I think that even though I can speed up in finish, I cannot do it on the circuit," Michal Novák commented.

Likewise, Tereza Beranová also Luděk Šeller was unlucky when having been tripped up by his rival. Šeller fell down and lost all his chances to advance to semi-finals. He ranks at 24th place.