Gold within reach. Beranová finished fifth because of fall down

Tereza Beranová almost grabbed the title of U23 world champion. In finals Sprint C in Vuokatti (FIN) she was approaching a gold medal, however, in finish she competed with Russian rival and fell down. Finally, she ranked 5th. Another Czech skier Ondřej Černý also reached top 10 when finishing at 7th place.

Sprint C at the U23 World Ski Championship should have taken place on Wednesday according to original schedule but the organizers postponed it for one day because of freezy weather. In spite of this fact the participants had to deal with harsh freeze – the temperature at the stadium in Vuokatti was -22°C.

 "We´ve learnt to deal with the freeze so we don´t really think about it," said Tereza Beranová who did not lose her shape in such weather conditions. She showed her strength in the quali that she won. She entered the quarterfinal heat together with Zuzana Holíková. While Beranová finished safe at 1st place, Holíková finished 3rd, which meant kicking out for her and 15th place in overall ranking.

Beranová started from 4th position in the semifinals, in the hardest uphills she moved up to 1st place that she kept until finish. A very similar scenario happened also in the finals but in one of the fights she blocked Lindstroem (SWE) and was moved by judges to the last position. In finish she unfortunately fell down after a collision with Faleeva (RUS) who was later also punished for this attack. Beranová finished at 5th place.

 "I´ve believed all day I could win. In qualification and in heats everything went smoothly. As well as in the finals until the finish but then my opponent kicked me when moving to another line. I didn´t make it to stick a pole so I had nothing solid to keep balance and fell down," Beranová was describing sadly.

Men Sprint offered a thrilling fight, too. Ondřej Černý confirmed he likes qualifications – after 2nd place in Dresden and victory at the Czech Championship he finished 4th in Finland. The second advancing skier was Tomáš Kalivoda who qualified himself by 27th place.

Both Czech participants met in the quarterfinals, which was dominated by Černý, Kalivoda finished 4th, which meant overall 19th place. In the semifinals Černý finished closely 3rd. Unfortunately he did not go on as a lucky looser and he ranked 7th. "I´m happy with the qualification. I think the quarterfinals was great in terms of tactics, I also felt great from the physical point of view and my skis were fantastic. I quite regret the semifinals because I failed in tactics, I stayed back too long," Ondřej Černý commented. "Overall I´m satisfied because my goal was top 12, which I fulfilled."