Fall cost Razýmová top 10

Czech cross-country skier Kateřina Razýmová was closely reaching top ten ranking. Nevertheless, in 10 km distance race at Tour de Ski in Toblach she unluckily fell down in finish. Still, she took great 11th place, which moved her to 15th place in total ranking.

After a slow start Razýmová started to move up through a start list at 2km. Halfway into the race she was 10th, at 7km she appeared at 9th position. Right in front of the finish she lost valuable seconds because of falling down. In the fourth stage of the Tour the skier of Sport Club Plzeň finished at amazing 11th spot with a margin of 58,2 seconds to the winner. In current standings she loses 3:05 to leading American Diggins and only 17 seconds to top 10.

"Because of the fall I’m rather sad today. I tried to catch up the group in front of me to run together but my legs were stiff and I fell down in downhill section. I lost about good 10 sec, which surely cost me top 10, maybe even top 8. I hope this turns away tomorrow and I’ll be lucky," she said disappointed.

Kateřina Janatová was the second-best Czech skier today, she was also attacking pointed positions. In the half of the race, she was at 47th rank but in the second lap she managed to follow a duo of Russians who forced her moving forward. Finally, she finished 37th with a margin 2:10,8. She missed only 22 seconds to gain some points. She is sitting 42nd in the Tour de Ski Overall standing.

Mens 15 km C Pursuit was not successful for Czech team. Michal Novák finished at 34th place, Petr Knopp 44th and Adam Fellner ranked 50th . In Italian Toblach Russian team dominated, in top 8 they had 7 members. Alexander Bolshunov ensured victory.

"I felt quite well during the race even though I was not balanced in technique at first. That is why I was surprised the result wasn’t so good. At the same time it’s not a tragedy," Michal Novák said. "My second lap was a bit slower; my head was spinning and my eyes smarted as well because it got colder and I could feel it in speedy downhills. In the last lap we cooperated with De Fabiano and Halfarsson who run not very boosted. Halfway into the race I moved forward and started to set the pace to get faster. Finally the end was good," he added.