Czech women fifth in team sprint

Czech racers Kateřina Janatová and Tereza Beranová confirmed a tuned form by fantastic 5th place in team sprint in Dresden, they only missed 2 sec to get a medal. In the last race of the World Cup also men were successfull when a duo Tomáš Kalivoda and Luděk Šeller took the 8th place. The women’s race was dominated by the Swiss and men by the Russians.

In Dresden a 650-metres-long circuit, built by organizers in the city centre near Elbe, hosted Saturday and Sunday cross-country races. Each duo was supposed to run it twelve times within one ride, in each circuit both skiers changed – each of them completed six rounds.

In women’ semi-finals fancied Americans separated at the top accompanied by Czech duo Janatová – Beranová who secured advancing to the finals. In the finals, Czechs were catching top positions and finally fought for the best places. In the the final circuit Tereza Beranová was fighting till the last second for 4th place but unfortunately it didn’t work out. The medal was missed for only 2 seconds.

"It was a fantastic performance from us. When a man sees the names of our rival, everyone was far much more experienced, which is cool we could keep their pace. It’s deeply motivating we were so close to medals," Kateřina Janatová said. "I did my best, it was my top at the moment so I’m happy it’s only 2 secs from a medal," Tereza Beranová added.

Men’s semi-finals were divided into two parts after initial two circuits. Czech duo Kalivoda – Šeller were in touch with the first half of racers and finally hit 5th place, however, their time was enough to advance from a position luckylooser. In the finals, the duo was rather in the second half of the start list and were saving power for finish. They finally finished at 8th place with 10 seconds losing to the winners.

"We’re happy with our performance not only in the finals but mainly in semi-finals, which was very fast, because other teams wanted to advance with time. We made it to keep up with them and thanks to it we advanced to the finals. It could be a bit better from our side there but we twice lost time when changing in circuit," Luděk Šeller said.

"It was my first team sprint so I had no experience with technical issues when changing in a circuit. But also due to this fact it was my premiere the 8th place is fantastic," Tomáš Kalivoda said.