Czech team will race without Michal Novák in NMNM

The World Cup in NMNM will welcome the whole Czech cross-country skiing team except Michal Novák. Having it discussed with the team doctor and the coach Vasil Husák, he decided to retire from the race in Vysočina Arena for healthy reasons.

Novák has had some healthy problems since the Tour de Ski where he had to finish earlier as well. "I still had a problem with inflammation of the airways. After taking antibiotics I got better but still did not feel 100% ok," Novák said. He started with a light training at the weekend. "I don’t feel like racing at all. It’s more sensible to get ready for the upcoming venues and first of all to recover as soon as possible," he is convinced about his decision.

If Novák’s health gets better, he should introduce himself in sprint in the World Cup in German Oberstdorf next week.