Czech skiers’ shape: four racers to get points in Ulricehamn race

Czech cross-country skiers are increasing their shape before the World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě. On Saturday four Czech skiers gained points in the World Cup Ulricehamn. Tereza Beranová and Michal Novák even squeezed in top 10 in Sprint F. The winners were Oskar Svensson and Maja Dahlqvist (both SWE).

Beranová ranked 19th in qualification. In her quarterfinal race she was fighting for the podium until the last metres but the finish photoshoot judged her 4th place. It was enough for her to advance to the semifinals thanks to her time. In the semifinals she was running at 6th place most of the time and trying to fight for advance she finally finished at 5th spot. Her final ranking was amazing 9th place!

"I can’t even say I’m satisfied because in finish I still believed I could go on to the finals. With the end approaching I passed some girls it seemed I could also catch Jessie Diggins, however, she finally changed corridor and closed me up. I could be even higher," Tereza Beranová said.

Kateřina Janatová also gained points. She was trying to advance from her quarterfinal but she missed it and ranked at 17th position. Petra Hynčicová got to the race through qualification from 15th place. She did not finish her race as she wanted because of broken pole and finished at 27th place.

"I’m excited of the qualification because I keep fighting with them. The heat developed in a promising way, in downhills I was able to make a good position for the first or second place but unfortunately someone behind me kicked my pole off and even if I tried hard, I had no chance without a functional equipment. So I’m very sorry for the result," Petra Hynčicová commented sadly.

Michal Novák shined among men when ranking 6th in the qualification. In quarterfinal he grabbed 4th place and thanks to his time he went on. From the beginning it looked positively when keeping forward together with Sergej Ustugov (RUS). At the stadium he appeared in a group being attacked from the back by Marcus Grate (SWE). After this collision, for which Grate was punished by the judges, it was difficult to meddle into the fight and Novák finished at 5th place. In overall ranking he was 9th.

"In my opinion, even the qualification was incredible. I had fantastic skis and physically I felt amazing. I missed my start in QF, it squeezed a bit and I didn’t want to risk a broken pole so I rather backed up. On the track there was no place to change it. So I was quite lucky to advance on time," Michal Novák described the race. "In the semifinals I wanted to repay that and be in the front from the first moments, which I made. In downhill to the stadium there was a fight for positions where the Swede was more successful. It’s a shame, I could fight for the 4th place and advance as luckylooser. But in general I’m very happy."

Jan Pechoušek missed his advancing from qualification only for 0.05 seconds and finished at 31th place. Tomáš Kalivoda ranked at 39th spot and two places behind him was Luděk Šeller.