Czech skiers relished Saturday’s atmosphere

The opening day of FIS Cross-Country World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě brought amazing performances of athletes, perfect organization and last but not least fantastic atmosphere. There were thousands of fans along the track and at the stadium, they were even not discouraged by heavy snow and temperatures below zero.

Full Vysočina Arena was coloured in Czech national colours and applauded mainly to two Czech skiers. Kateřina Janatová improved her life maximum by 13th place and Razýmová even reached top 10. "I sensed the fans a lot before the start because I’ve got lots of friends here and I felt like they were everywhere. Sometimes I felt under pressure but later I was glad they came to support me," 10th woman of the race said in finish and was added by 22-year-old Janatová: "It’s not a coincidence I raced my life best right here. The fans boosted me and the atmosphere was wonderful."

The fans were coming to Vysočina Arena long before the start of Saturday’s programme, they could enjoy big screens, live commentary, DJ show and a special trail with fun hurdles where children could try cross-country skiing.

"I’m happy for everyone who came and supported. I will hope they will also help us during Sunday. Hopefully we enticed them by our today’s performances," Razýmová was hoping. On Sunday she will participate in 10km C pursuit at 11:10. Men will start their race to 15km at 13:00.