Czech skiers decided to retire from Tour de Ski to be fit in NMNM

The best Czech skiers decided to finish their journey at the Tour de Ski in order not to risk their worse health condition and their possible absence in the World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě, which will definitely be the top event of their season. Kateřina Razýmová and siblings Petra Nováková and Michal Novák retired from the stage race.

Razýmová, who has presented herself in a fantastic form this season and three times finished in top 10, had some health problems at the beginning of the Tour. Gastric flu and higher temperature did not let her to perform optimally so she decided to make this step and prefer the home event in Nové Město na Moravě on 18th and 19th January.

 "Since the beginning of the Tour Katka was not ready. Her temperature climbed up so we decided not to risk the rest of the season," women’s coach Jan Franc explained.

 "From the beginning I thought it was caused by my nerves. It was up and down. But then I had a temperature and really didn’t feel good. It was obvious it wasn’t nerves but a disease. I will do my best ot be ready for the NMNV. I hope everything goes smoothly," Razýmová added.

Healthy problems also edged out siblings Nováks. Although Petra performed great at the Tour and she ranked 23rd and 28th in the first two races. After that she had a sore throat.

 "Although I’m not illness-prone during the year, I must have caught something. I’m so sorry because my all pre-season trainings were relatively without troubles and before the Tour I felt great. The illness seems to be more serious so I couldn’t continue in the season, health is the most important thing," Petra Nováková said.

Her brother Michal is in similar condition, which is also a pity because he gained points in the first race of the Tour. "It’s because of health problems at Petra’s and Michal’s. It’s really a shame because they had some chances and the Tour developed well for both of them, nevertheless, we didn’t want to risk the rest of the season," the coach Jan Franc stated in the press release.