Czech service team is preparing for the World Cup and testing innovations

Czech service team came to the World Cup venue one week earlier. Martin Blaschke, head of the service team, speaks about (dis)advantages of domestic environment, weather changes and testing innovations.

The service team for Czech cross-country skiing arrived in Vysočina Arena on 12th January. They moved there immediately after finishing the World Cup in Dresden. At the place they traditionally divided themselves into two groups that are testing skis for classic, glide and grid waxes and they also have time to test some innovations.

"We started to cooperate with Technical University in Liberec, nowadays we focus on a development of structures. We are currently in the testing phase, to use it in a race will be real maybe the next year," head of service team Martin Blaschke describes. "It seems we moved into a good direction and I hope in a four-year period of time we will have our own development, which will push us forward."

Within the World Cup in NMNM the service team has to take into account more types of weather conditions, the most difficult will be potential weather changes right before the start. "We have to be careful and not to underestimate it, it’s very important to be ready for everything. We’re expecting a weather change from Saturday to Sunday, it should be slightly snowing," Blaschke says.

The biggest advantage of our service team is definitely a good knowledge of the area. "We all know it here very well, we come here often and we know how the organizers prepare the trails here. The home fans will drive us but on the contrary it’s a bit pressure – everything to be as it should be, racers to be in a form and service team to do a good job, too," Blaschke closes.