Bolshunov wins his fifth back-to-back race, Novák finishes 21st

Russian Alexander Bolshunov confirms his dominance in cross-country skiing in Tour de Ski when winning his fifth back-to-back race. After 15km C Mass start victory he secures his leading role at the top with margin 2:37 and is clearly heading to overall victory. Czech Michal Novák stayed in touch with the leads when running for 21st place and increased his overall ranking to 26th place. Kateřina Razýmová finished in 10km C at 15th spot and in overall standing she is at 14th place.

Tour de Ski moved to Val di Fiemme for the last three races and in sunny valley Michal Novák joined the leading group from the beginning. Halfway into the race it was clear if Czech skier keeps himself among the leaders, he would get the points. The group teared up in the last laps and Michal Novák finally fought 21st place losing 33 seconds to winner.

"I felt this was the easiest race for me today. The first three laps were in quiet pace and nobody rushed forward but it changed in the fourth one where there was a bonus. I’m quite happy with my result but I also feel it could be better. But sometimes it’s hard in the group to break through and find your place," the Czech skier said.

Adam Fellner unfortunately didn’t keep the pace with the leading group so he finished the race with a smaller group fighting for places from 39th to 47th. In finish he ranked 42nd with a margin 2:39,3. In Tour de Ski he is currently at 48th spot. After the first laps Petr Knopp stayed alone in the trail. He ranked at 49th place losing 4:09,3 to the top. Petr Knopp is overall ranked at 51st place.

Also Kateřina Razýmová chased the favourites for a long time. In the third lap she started to lose contact with the top skiers and the gap between them was 8 seconds. It was too much for the skier of Sport Club Pilsen to keep and she finished at 15th spot losing app. 50,7 seconds.

"Today I’m very disappointed from my result. My performance was poor. And even if we had good skis, from the very beginning I didn’t go well, which was seen in finish," Kateřina Razýmová said. "Tomorrow I’m going to lose as least seconds as possible in order to have a chance to fight for top 10 in uphill."

The second-best Czech woman skier was Petra Hynčincová who moved around 40th place. After the start she run alone and then she joined a small group with home Italians to finally reach 39th place with them. She was losing 2:54,5. Kateřina Janatová ranked 41st with a margin 3:39,3. Unfortunately, Petra Nováková could not finish the race because she got cold in freezing weather and was not able to continue.