14th place for Razýmová in second stage of Tour de Ski

Kateřina Razýmová performed the best out of Czech skiers in the second stage of Tour de Ski – in 10km C mass start she ranked 14th. A Swede Linn Svahn won, among men a Russian Alexandr Bolshunov dominated.

Razýmová headed the race with number 26 but she immediately started to move forward. In the middle of the race Czech skier was 16th, however, she was entering the last lap in a group fighting for the 12th spot. She finally crossed the finish line at 14th position losing just under 25 seconds to leading Swede.

"I’m half satisfied. I think I could be higher in the rankings because my skis were well prepared for uphill but in downhills, I was a bit slower, which cost me some place in such a competition. Nevertheless, I’m happy with the time margin to the top leads, my position to the next races is good so it’s good to know I can do it," Razýmová evaluated.

The second best Czech was Petra Nováková who finished 39th. "I tried but my result wasn’t very good so I can’t be happy. Now I have to have a rest for tomorrow’s pursuit where I can hopefully move forward again," Novákova commented.

Kateřina Janatová ranked 50th and Petra Hynčicová one spot behind.

In the following men’s race 15km C mass start the best Czech racer was Michal Novák who finished at 32nd place. In total ranking he is sitting 24th. Adam Fellner succeeded in increasing his start position who from 61st position jumped up to 49th place – he stands at the same place in total rankings of the Tour de Ski. Petr Knopp finished at 62nd place.